• Award Winning Thrill Rides!

    Award Winning Thrill Rides!

  • Come Early & Enjoy Safari Adventure!

    Come Early & Enjoy Safari Adventure!

Fairgrounds : Out at Night

BeFunky_Untitlednew.jpgALL NEW


Six Flags, Jackson NJ

Now open until 2AM

 New for 2015

Pre-Party 8pm-10pm (Movietown Arena)

With DJs Joey Zeb, Steve Sidewalk and


Main Event 10pm-2am (Main Street Arena)


The Rides

  • Take a deep breath and hold on for this preview of 2,700 feet of twisted steel, corkscrews, inversions and a zero-gravity roll all BACKWARDS on
  • BATMAN: The Ride!
  •  El Diablo is an utterly unique seven story tall looping steel coaster which towers over the Plaza del Carnaval section of the park.
  • El Toro, Kingda Ka, Zumanjaro, The Safari and more!
  • Purchase your Early Bird Tickets today

Prices increase June 1.


*Your ticket grants early admission into the park. Park opens at 10:30am

**Anyone without a bracelet will be escorted out of the park starting at 9pm. No refunds.

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